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Michigan Wedding Video
Michigan Wedding Videographer

Photo taken by Paris Productions - Michele Paris

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Husband & Wife - Dream Team


Where should I start? Sam and I met while working at a local deli and bakery in the city where we grew up. Crossing paths once in high school but never meeting until my first day on the job in 2004. Here we are 15 years later; married, parents and living the dream as entrepreneurs. 


Sam studied film editing and photography. I studied graphic design and marketing. And together we built Captured 4 Life in 2005. We really compliment each other in more ways than one. He's the creative mastermind and I'm the strategic, organized artist.

What is your favorite events to cover?


Growing up a "jock" and still actively playing football (2019 National Champ!) most would assume Sports would be my favorite thing to capture but Weddings take the cake! Wedding day is all about the couple and their families. We love capturing all the emotions of the day, not only from the Bride and Groom but their friends and family as well. 


For us personally our wedding day was a giant roller coaster of emotions. At the time leading up to our wedding day, my mother was fighting stage 4 lung cancer. We weren't sure if she was going to make it to the wedding which was 6 months away. I was the last of the boys to get married. Being a Momma's boy, I wanted to be able to have her there to give me away and have our Mother/Son dance to A Song for Momma by Boyz II Men. Finally wedding day came but her body was so weak she could barely walk and had to be in a wheel chair. I escorted her down in her wheel chair to start the ceremony and at the end of it she said she wanted to walk out with us and she did. While at the reception we joked around that I could spin her around in her wheel chair for our dance but she said she knew how much it meant to me and would try her best. Once our song started to play she stood up and said "I will stand as long as I can for you". About half way through the song couldn't stand any longer and had to sit.  She stayed to watch our first dance and then slow danced with my Father during the parents dance and called it a night after that.


For the remaining of the evening we enjoyed dancing, laughing and drinking with our giant awesome family and friends. She ended up passing away a couple of months later. I'm very thankful she was there and I feel blessed to witness all of the Mother/Son and Father/Daughter dances I'm chosen to film or photograph.


Why trust us with your memories?

Coming from big families, Kristina and I know how important making memories with family and friends is. It's what life is all about. All milestones in life are special. Time flies and we can't slow down the clock. We believe in preserving these ONCE in a lifetime moments, so you can go back in time and relieve those happy memories of your wedding day, a new addition to the family or your child's graduation whenever you want too. You will look forward to looking back. 

Who else makes up Captured 4 Life?

When we first started up it would be the two of us at every wedding filming. After becoming parents, Kristina started to focus on Client relations. Then the search for her replacement began. It went on for a couple of months and then we met John. Just a few minutes into our first interview I was thinking to myself "Yeah he is the one for sure. He is basically my twin just with a better tan year round". You can instantly see his passion of being behind the camera working his magic. John has proven himself over the years that to be a creative, professional and fun Lead Cinematographer. As the saying goes "Iron sharpens Iron" and each wedding we are thinking of ways to make it better then the last together.

On the athletics portion of the business that is mostly handled by DeVante, Donovan and Donell aka the Ebo Trio. Every fall you can find them taking care of filming for the Allen Park High School Football and Little League games. They also help out with assisting or filling in as a second shooter at weddings. 

Thanks for checking us out! Hope to work with you soon!


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