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Michigan Wedding Video

Husband & Wife - Dream Team


Where should I start? Sam and I met while working at a local deli and bakery in the city where we grew up. Crossing paths once in high school but never meeting until my first day on the job in 2004. Here we are 15 years later; married, parents and living the dream as entrepreneurs. 


Sam studied film editing and photography. I studied graphic design and marketing. And together we built Captured 4 Life in 2005. We really compliment each other in more ways than one. He's the creative mastermind and I'm the strategic, organized artist.

What is your favorite events to cover?


Growing up a "jock" and still actively playing football (2019 National Champ!) most would assume Sports so needless to say Sports are my favorite thing to capture!


Why trust us with your memories?

Coming from big families, Kristina and I know how important making memories with family and friends is. It's what life is all about. All milestones in life are special. Time flies and we can't slow down the clock. We believe in preserving these ONCE in a lifetime moments, so you can go back in time and relieve those happy memories of your wedding day, a new addition to the family or your child's graduation whenever you want too. You will look forward to looking back. 

Thanks for checking us out! Hope to work with you soon!


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