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Frequency Asked Questions

What type of equipment do you use?

We use only the best Video and Audio equipment possible. Ever since we started back in 2004 we have been Canon loyal. Our current wedding arsenal is their Cinema Line with C100 and C200s. With the cinema line we are able to record directly to two cards at a time, all the time so if a card does happen to corrupt while shooting we have a back up already rolling. Some of our other cool gadgets are our drones, gimbals, automatic sliders and others that could talk about for hours but in the end they are just a tool used to enhance your film! For our post production our weapon of choice is Avid and DaVinci Resolve for Color Grading.

Why so many cameras at once?

Depending on the space available during the ceremony we may have up to 5 cameras. With being able to multiple cameras set up it allows us the opportunity to be more creative. We like to have two stationary cameras on tripods off in the back corner as a "safe shot" on the two of you  while we have two moving with us around so we may catch your parents shedding a tear, your bridesmaids smiling ear to ear as you say your vows, etc...

How do you approach filming my wedding day?

We always take a discreet approach while filming during your wedding day. We believe in being as ‘invisible’ and unobtrusive as possible all the time. Sam is a very quiet guy in general but his mind is nonstop rolling to be as creative with his shots as possible. We’ve had couples and family members in the past tell us they can’t believe all the footage we got and the film we are able to create because they don’t remember seeing us at the wedding ceremony and reception at all.

How are you different from other wedding videography companies? 

The audio from your day is what is most important to us, with out it there is no story to be told. If your looking for a company to film your day and just lay over a few hit songs to make a music video, that's not our style. One thing you will notice in the majority of our films is the couple is always reading a letter from each other. It's genuine, true love and adds to your one of a kind wedding day love story! With some religious ceremonies they don't allow for the couple to write their own vows or some couples aren't comfortable saying them at the alter in front of everyone. So we always suggest writing a little note to each other to open prior to the ceremony. We are able to use all the amazing audio from your wedding day to help craft your wedding film.

Do we really need to shoot the pre-ceremony footage of the bride or groom getting ready?

No. The pre-ceremony footage of the Bride and/or Groom getting ready is part of the package for people who wish to take advantage of it. Pre-ceremony footage enables us a great intro to set the tone of the film. If you are exchanging gifts/cards with each other then we highly suggest that it is captured on film! It also allows us to capture all the little details you both go through that the other is unable to witness and normally provides great audio to be used as well. 

Will we be able to hear our vows? I’ve seen wedding videos where you can’t hear the bride and groom.
Yes.  We use a wireless lavaliere microphone on the Groom, Officiant and tap into the sound board to get the clearest, cleanest audio to hear everything during your ceremony!

How much of a deposit is required?

To lock in your date a filled out and signed contract along with a deposit of $500 which can be check or credit card.

How many copies will I get?
All our packages come with your choice of a USB, BluRay or DVD. If you would like more copies, we would be happy to make additional copies for you for a nominal processing fee.


Can I purchase the raw, unedited original?

Yes. This way you can have every shot that was taken on your day on a single hard drive or multiple DVD data discs.  This option comes with the raw footage, for an additional fee we can convert the files into mp4s, making them playable on any computer, even ipods/ipads.


Will you use a tripod at our wedding?

Through out the day day we are either using Tripods, Monopods or our Ronin-M stabilizer to ensure a solid shot. Depending on your venues guidelines we will figure out what works best for the cleanest, best image we can shoot.


Do you use bright lights? 
Yes and No. As the saying goes "Lights, Camera, Action" Our cameras and lens are awesome in low light. During the toasts and formal dances we do like to light subjects to get the best possible image. We are able to direct and control the light so that it is not ruining the ambiance of your reception.


Do you shoot weddings outside of South Eastern Michigan?  Out of state?
Yes. We have shot many weddings up-state. Contact us and we can work out details.

I already hired my photographer. Do you get along with other wedding vendors?
Absolutely! One thing you must realize as a wedding vendor is that you must work with all the other vendors to give the couple the best day ever! Communication is key between the Photographer, Videographer and DJ and we always make sure we are on the same page. 



Contact us to design a custom package that fits your needs perfectly.

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